Her Special Needs Child, A Poem


We stood in the hallway
waiting for the children
a full day of testing
was finally at an end
I sat and she stood
she seemed a bit impatient
and as my children came,
they sat and talked
I hoped to catch her eyes
to smile hello
but she averted
her attention
She was well dressed
and well pressed
but there was something
that caught my eye
she always seemed
to edge further
down the hallway
in need of escape
I could see it in her eyes
and her uncertain smile
Later, I looked up
to see her standing
across the hall
her son had finally finished
he ran down the hall
at great speed –
and hugged her tight
his smile genuine
and beaming
beautiful in my eyes
it was then that I knew
what caused her worries
the looks of discomfort
on her face
her son was a child
with special needs
but I could not take my eyes
off his beautiful smile
his love – unending
and all of this given
by the strength
of her own hands
I know not,
whether her discomfort
was in other people’s reactions
or perhaps in his own discomfort
but either way –
I cannot help but feel sad
women like this
and children like this
have so much to celebrate
a love unknown to many
and beauty
and they shouldn’t
be made to feel sad
for the situation they are in.

© Sumyanna 2016


Picture courtesy of Morguefile (Maena)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. looks like you are hellbent on making me cry today…beautiful heart of your’s Sum,this shows what you hold,tender write,love very much…love hugs ♥


    1. sumyanna says:

      Sorry, but then again I do think it helps if poetry makes you feel. says a lot about a person’s heart. I truly felt so bad for this woman and wished she could show the same joys other parents have. Sad that they are made to feel they cannot.


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