Learn to Dance, Little One


Dance in the shadows
little one –
barefoot and free
let the wind
kiss your hair
for all the world to see
let your beauty free
for some day, others
will dictate the dance
you’ll strap on your shoes
and memorize the steps
but you have a chance
to lay your own footsteps
to learn the freedom
of toes dug in the earth
to feel your canvas
stretch beneath your feet
and dance to the music
of your very own soul
for hopefully then,
you shall carry it
with you always.

© Sumyanna 2016


Lovely image courtesy of Morguefile (kakisky)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. aww,such wonderful advice …love this Sum,frankly this brought me tears instead of joy,how the world makes us dance to it’s tune right ? sad but sorry your poem is a thing of beautiful inspiration and wisdom,you tender heart i love you …love hugs ♥


    1. sumyanna says:

      I can’t help but think of my little ones – still at the first footsteps of their life. So much we have learned since then, haven’t we? No worries on the tears – as long as they had purpose 🙂 Love you much Seema.

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