For the Artist Within Me, A Poem

I’m going to take art lessons, some day
I want to learn the turn of brush in hand
I want to step back from my own canvas
proud – of what I’ve done
for I feel that there’s a language
I’ve yet to understand
and though the artist lives within me
his words have remained silent
his brush held down,
or perhaps still sitting on the table
unused, unspent – and waiting
It is not for me to possibly explain
this strong desire that hides within
but I want to try to express
all that I feel inside
with paint and shadows
pastel lines chalked real thin
and bold brushstrokes
where the eyes can touch and feel
everything I have within me
For now, the canvas stands
still untouched
and the paintbrush still
lays unmoved
and I’ve yet to learn
the language
but I know I will.

(c) Sumyanna 2016


Gorgeous image courtesy of Morguefile (Schick)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. OMG Sum …me too,i’d love to learn and i do admire people who can paint or even draw well….your words express beautifully your desire…love this ♥


    1. sumyanna says:

      I have seen some of your artwork – you actually do quite well. You should try. I truly thirst to create beautiful things. Not exactly sure why – but I am definitely not complaining 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thank you,you are sweet to say that Sum,i shall try,i love doing artwork,it’s a different feeling right 🙂 love hugs


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