7 Days After My Death, A Poem

It’s been seven days
Since I passed away
Seven days without you near
And I’ve been left alone
Upon this grassy hillside
And I hear the faint echoes
Of all that I’ve done
Of all that I’ve said
And yes, I have regrets
But I also am thankful
For the time I have tarried here
On day six, my son and daughters came
Tired and weary, from little rest
Holding the little hands
Of their own children
And I know it won’t be easy
But they – like everyone
Will move on –
And I hope I have given them
Everything they needed
To wind along the paths of time
And I hope I have given them
Everything they needed
To remember me fondly
For it matters not
The worldly things –
But it matters your impact
And I worry, did I succeed?
On day 5, my husband came alone
His tears, his shroud of misery
And I know –
It’s never easy
Once loved and whole
Now all alone
But I know that he’ll be strong
And he sits here at my side
Wishing for the hands that once held him
And I know that we have paved our story well
And though never perfect, our love was true
On day 4, my friends did visit
Sad and longing for one more day
But alas, it just won’t be –
But we carry in our hearts
The treasured memories of moments spent
And we reminisce when happy thoughts
Are lit when our eyes touch upon familiar things
It is my hope that these moments
Come often, and though sad – produce a smile
It is then that I can hope I have traveled well upon this side
On day 3, all was quiet
Everyone stayed within their homes
Their wounds still real and hard to shake
It was a loss of friendship
It was a loss of love
And though someday we may meet again,
We ache in that longing
To touch
To see
To hear again,
But it cannot be
On day 2, I was buried
I could hear the sand scattered
Across my grave
I could hear the sadness
In the unspoken voices
Of all those held dear
And I could hear the emptiness
Of a life, full of promise
Only hoping that my time spent
Was not misused
For there was still so much to say
There was still so much to do
There was still
So much –
But it cannot be.
On the day of my death,
I spent time in the garden
Snapping photos of flowers in bloom
Trying to trace their gentle beauty
Within the lens
A futile exercise
But I loved it so
It was a glorious day
I was surrounded by my children
Walking the paths
Smelling the roses
Hiding beneath the weeping willow
To escape the heat of day
While my grandchildren were at play
Chasing each other across the hill
Tumbling downward one after the other
All smiles
All happy
All playful and full of life
And I sat there – content
Thankful for all
That I had been given
And I rested quietly
Beneath the shade
Of willow leaves tumbling
In the gentle breeze
My children sat
On blankets in the grass
Feeding their children
All smiles
All happy
All playful and full of life
In one moment, I was present
And the next, it was done
I could no longer open my eyes
And I knew – I knew
The time had finally come
And I wondered –
How did I spend my time?

(c) Sumyanna 2016

This poem was written to a fiction prompt – to write about a character’s 7 days after his death. I thought it would be interesting to assume I was the character and use it in a poem.


Photograph courtesy of Morguefile (Jusben)  Thank you!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. oh Sum,there you go again,making me cry,your words touch my heart …beautiful write …love hugs


    1. sumyanna says:

      Sorry Seema, just trying to think out loud. It is something to wonder – what shall we leave behind and are we worthy of remembering? I do hope so.

      Liked by 1 person

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