She Was Caught Up In Her Dreams, A Poem



She was caught up in her dreams

brought down to her knees

by the desire

the desire

to breathe everything in.

It started with the sunset

pink glow about the horizon

shadows stretched long

and you could hear

the roar of waves at her feet.

It started with the star-filled skies

as she laid down in the darkness

the sound of crickets

swelled in the distance

the world was full of life

and yet many were asleep

but she was awake in her dreams.

It started with the joyful rise of morning sun

when the dew settles upon the rose’s lips

and a small chill that moves her limbs

to cradle herself in embrace.

She is alive in the coolness

she is alive in the beating warmth of her heart

she is alive in these moments

waiting for the next best thing

that happens before her eyes

she lays in the haze of her amazement

a small smile slightly tickles her lips

a flash of color kisses her cheeks

and her eyes, in wonder

change a shade

from grayish-green to blue

she was ever so thankful

to be caught up in her dreams.


© Sumyanna 2016


Gorgeous image courtesy of Morguefile (hotblack)


One Comment Add yours

  1. lovely…she was alive …beautiful poetry Sum hugs


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