In Remembrance, A Poem

Who knows
what lilting
words on lips
do beg repeating
and in the silence,
who knows
what tears
have driven deep?
For the sad
for the lonely
for the ones
who’ve lost –
these are times
whose journey
we cannot comprehend.
Though filled with sorrow,
we cannot ascertain its meaning
but we shall grip it, tear it open
and seek its contents
but to feel?
but do feel?
Death speaks
louder than thunder
and lives well lived
and those, well loved
know it well – that loss.
that you will not be forgotten
that the trace of your smile
shall always be held in our hearts
and your voice we shall carry on.
You have not died in vain,
for your remembrance lives on.

(c) Sumyanna 2016


Image courtesy of Morguefile (kfjmiller)


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  1. touched my heart this one …beautiful …love hugs


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