Our Community is Made Whole, A Poem

Our community lies
Not in what our hands do grasp
Nor in the familiar streets or signs
Not the paved lanes or accustomed smiles
It lies beyond our reach and understanding
It stands firm against the tide of right or wrong
It stands firm against the misunderstandings
The lines we trace upon the sand
The fences we build and the row of trees that divide our lands
No – our community lies within the commonality of our hearts
It stretches vast across the span of acres and miles
It is the truths of our differences, but also our significance
For we are one of many, but momentous in our collective hearts.
When one heart beats, the rest stand ready
The simultaneous rush of blood through our veins
And though sometimes we don’t see it, we are one
When you feel pain
When your heart cries
When your land bleeds
When your hand stretches out in need
Others feel the pain, hear the cries, and see the need
We are never alone.
In your need, we shall stand ready
Our hand pours whatever we can find
And we don’t mind – your need
But find ourselves blessed by giving hand
And when your land bleeds
We search for explanation
We ache to resolve the wars upon your shore
And hand in hand, together
May we sew those wounds.
We do not look askance
Or feel burdened
For we are blessed
That we may build:
Mountains –
Shelters –
Dwellings for our hearts,
Though not the same
And yet not different
We are one.
When your heart cries
We shall reach to dry your tears
To wipe away your fears
For none should carry burdens
Too hard, too heavy
Not when we can ease the weight
And share the heavy task
Helping hands
We feel not burdened
We do not look askance
We are blessed
That we may tarry these same roads
Or even those different
In sync or to a different beat in time
It matters not,
For the bonds that tie us – firm
The familiarity of face
The similarity of flesh
Draped across our hearts
The reflection and the reflected
Defines the human race
One heart beats
One song is sung
And the community
Is made whole
By what everybody brings.

© Sumyanna 2016
Image courtesy of Morguefile (melschmitz)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. a community is because of the commonality…. great write Sum…as always ..love hugs


    1. sumyanna says:

      We are, aren’t we? Yes, even in our differences you can find ties that bind us one way or another. I am fortunate to have known no lines that divide before I learned that others lived differently, thought differently. For how else could we come to know one another? I am blessed to know you Seema.


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