We Think We Have Made Progress, A Poem

Strange how things have changed
with progress, we adjust
We grow
And sometimes, we fall apart
Amidst the rubble
Of things once cherished
Now misunderstood
Or undervalued
And it’s sad really
The end result
The legacy spread out
Laid across the landscape of our time
This is now
This is us
This is how we want to be
At one time, we used to say:
See no evil
Hear no evil
Speak no evil
But now the tongues
Wage a furious tune
We see – evil
And we walk away
Nothing shatters the silence
No outstretched hand
To shield – to assist
And what we
Do not say
In those moments
Speaks louder than words
Yet we do not see
There’s progress to be made.
We hear – evil
And we dare not listen
We turn our heads
To erase the sound
But it has already been said
The damage has already been done
Or perhaps we nod our heads
Agreeable souls
We know not what paths
We have now lain
Whether we heard and turned away
Or we listened and we obeyed
Only time will tell
For there’s progress to be made.
And we speak – evil
Our hearts desire to parade
A chance to finally speak
What has always lurked within our thoughts
No matter the words
No matter the severed limbs they fashion
No matter the progress we have made
Time pulls back its scars
It is now pushed back
It is now pushed back
But we wear wide grins
And we never consider the irony
In progress to be made
When we go back from where we came.

© Sumyanna 2016


Image courtesy of Morguefile (cdcguard)


One Comment Add yours

  1. enlightening write Sum… i completely agree ..great work …love hugs


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