I Cling to the Ability to Dream, A Poem



I could not find

The will within me

To stop short

Of trying everything

Of extending my reach

Beyond where I have seen

Others reach

And I did not know why –

But I believed

I believed mightily

That someday

I could sit within

The solace of peace


That all would have

Food to eat

That all would find

Comfort in their hearts

That we could share

The same bowls

With which to eat

That we could share

The blessing

Of overflowing fountains

That yes –

Each of us

Could stand straight

And be noticed

For the beauty that we bring.

I know this is a silly dream

And that some should desire

To shake me awake

But when I hold

Within my heart

The beauty of possibility

I can do nothing more

Than dream.


© Sumyanna 2016


Beautiful image courtesy of Morguefile (markgraf)


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