The Wonder of Our Meeting, A Poem


It was in

The comfortable quiet

Of the afternoon

That I found him

Hiding in the grass

Near grandmother’s garden

He stopped and stared

Ears twitching

I ached

To not make a sound

But listened furiously.

There was beauty

In that moment

Right there

Right then

When his eyes met mine

And mine

Met his

Had I stood aloof

He probably would have

Gone his way

Acted like it was nothing

But he noticed my entrance

And I noticed his

Standing ready

Ears raised

Eyes intent

It was like the moment froze

We froze

And we soaked in

All the wonder of that meeting

I watched his nose twitch

Which gave rise to twitches

In his whiskers

And he slowly poised himself

To move

To run

To escape

And no matter how I wished

To remain silent

The ground beneath my feet

Made noises

Proving my existence

And my threat

And unfortunately,

Quickly, he escaped.

I was left behind

To mourn his loss

Touched by the moment

Our eyes had met

In awe and wonder

Of this glorious creature

And lamenting the fact

That I could not

Escape along with him

Leaving someone else

To ponder

The beauty of my ways.


© Sumyanna 2016


Lovely image courtesy of Morguefile (Bexster)


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