Pray for France, A Poem

There is a silent suffering
in the air tonight
solace sought in celebration
fireworks, music, laughter
fill the air
a smile
a hand held
a child hoisted
on the shoulders of his father.
This is a time to be family
breathing the same fresh air
of hope
and thunder interrupts the peace.
It is not thunderous applause
that awakens our hearts
but death
driving down the city streets.
It mattered not,
who walked these streets
whose hand is held
whether infirm, or too young to tarry
it mows down
it churns
it drives over
what is left of hope
what is left of peace.
The evening started
with celebration
and this is what you brought here
and the cold, hard steel
with which you plowed us
down in the streets
must also encrust
your heart that beats
or does it beat at all?
Perhaps it just
thrashes with in your chest
blind, uncaring, unfeeling.
What is it that rages so
in your heart
or, do you have a heart?
perhaps it is
that you never had one beating
to know – love
to know loss
like that which you have
strewn across these city streets.
Some bodies lay
alone in the dark.
surrounded by family
raising their hands up to heaven
crying from the depths of their souls,
Why? Why did it end this way?
Children – watched
their parent’s bodies lay in the streets
parents – watched
their children’s bodies lay in the streets
there were husbands, wives,
mothers, fathers
brothers, sisters
All sought a moment of
and you ravaged the soul
of their very community
shocked the world
with unspeakable cruelty.
You –
and those like you
have murdered peace
in our streets.
You have squandered
the very breaths
that escape your lips.
You have isolated
and destroyed
the trust
that we hold dear
in our hearts.
But know this –
we will never give up
that easily
and as sure as
some day,
you shall not exist –
neither shall you
ever be remembered.

© Sumyanna 2016


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