Where My Soul Seeks Solace, A Poem



I awoke

to the feel of

warm ocean breezes

caressing my skin

the sound of waves



then pulling away gently

the sound of gulls

crying overhead

their flapping wings

beating the air

around them.

I could hear their

delicate descent

and landing upon

the beach.

Here I sit,

no need for a blanket.

I want to touch the sand,

feel the water

splash against me,

feel the heat

of the rising sun.

Here, I turn the sand

gently in my fingers

as if to understand

the journey of each grain

to know where it has been

to know where it will be


the next day,

and the next.


all becomes silent.

The sun starts to cast

its long shadow

on the day

and I count

the last moments

of sunlight,

sink my feet deep

into the sand,

and feel pulled –

by the current

by the lure of the setting sun

by the rise and fall of water

lapping at my feet

by the long, distant cry of gulls

who start their journey home

and although home

also calls me,

I know that my soul

seeks the solace

of quiet moments

on this beach

`nothing spoken

nothing heard

save the distant cry

of water’s reach.


© Sumyanna 2016





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