Portraits Poetry Series #13: If We Could Freeze the Moment

Portraits Series

What if we could
freeze a moment in time
sit back, reflect
breathe in the morning air
stop and find delight
in the seconds passing
cease and desist
this constant hustle and bustle
the maddening crowds
the rush to get nowhere
what if we could
freeze a moment in time
what would change?
would we drink in
every sight we see?
would we soak
in the sounds?
notice the deep, rich color
of our lives?
It is time to realize
that no life is perfect
no back is without scars
no eyes have cried
for lack of tears
but life – it slips away
moment by moment
we hear the roar
of the passing cars
the slap of feet
on pavement
but we never look
– really look
and wonder,
where does this story
take me?
We never take shelter
in the sounds of life
in the laughter
the gentle breaths
of morning
we never find solace
in the sound of rain
because time –
time has stolen
the richness of life
and we are in
too much a hurry
to see anything.

(c) Sumyanna 2016


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