Daily Post Prompt: Depth, A Poem



There is a depth to life

that many do not witness.

They walk past quickly –

the steps,

seemingly on auto-dial:

keep moving –

keep moving those feet

and we lose

the general wonder

that rose within our eyes

in youth.

In childhood,

we would

brush away those cobwebs

pull back the curtains

dig deep beneath the earth

to find signs of life.

We would place our ears

closer still,

to hear the silent breaths

of leaves

gently falling to the earth

of flowers

sidling up along the fences

of trees bowing

under the weight of the wind.

We need to learn

to escape this mad rush –

this blind race

to get somewhere

when we don’t know where

we are going.

We need to realize

that life begins

in discovering its depths.


© Sumyanna Writes 2016


This is my first Daily Post Prompt.



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