The Weight of Decay, A Poem

Have you felt

The weight of decay

The clawing reach

Toward death

The silent suffering

In the lean of aching bones

Where labored breath

Is all that you have left?

A slow rattling sound

In the chest

That rises and falls

With great effort

And you barely

Manage a sigh.

This is what is left

This is what is left

Of us

There are no

Gracious dreams

No sad farewells

Just the aching lean

Toward emptiness.

The remorse

Of moments wasted

On empty heart

That swallow me whole.

For everything I was –

Was real.

You could get no closer

To my thoughts than this:

I have breathed through every line.

It is times like this,

that I realize  –

Life can be a wasteland,

Hearts strewn carelessly

Without reason or rhyme

And the soul of man

Is questioned.

Yet when you walk away,

What makes you hold

Your head up high?


© Sumyanna 2016


Wonderful image courtesy of Morguefile (wax115)



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