Portraits Poetry Series #14: Where Does This Story End, A Poem

Portraits Series

Sometimes the pathways
are broken and worn
and sometimes –
the passengers.
No matter where
your feet may tread,
there is history here
that begs to be read
like a book
on a summer’s afternoon
laying softly in the grass
beneath the shade of a tree.
Yes, there is history here –
some walked the planks
to board a vessel
and others, probably swam
the cool, fresh waters
some childish footsteps
played upon the dock
imagined faeries that sing
and demons to slay
all here –
where history now crumbles.
What was their story
and where does this story end?
Is it with you – and I
standing here
watching the rotting wood
slowly disappear
weeds to soon overtake
the scene?
Is it with the silence –
the stillness?
Is it with our reflections
that fill the scene
clouds overhead
grayish-blue reflections
that beg to be seen
is it the grass and the trees
the muted colors
of brown and green
what is this story?
and how does it end?

(c) Sumyanna 2016


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