Daily Post Prompt: Alone, We are but a Single Thread

How many times

Have we not said

We’re sorry

Or the apology

Did not get past our lips

And we realize

That nothing has changed?

Our streets are awash

With the blood of many

Swept aside

Swept under dust beaten rugs

And we try to paint glory

Across the starry skies,

But how many have died

And all we choose

To uphold

And protect

Are given lip service

For glory cannot reside

Where one is never counted

Among the many

We are all

Parts of a whole –

Though a different story

Is painted on our chests

and how is it that we think

we can make it alone?

We all hold a unique goal

And a unique purpose.

When woven,

A tapestry is formed


Sheaths of wool

Different colors

Different hues

Each with their own


And together –

beauty is achieved.

Alone, we are but

A single thread


And unspoken.


(c) Sumyanna 2016


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: Apology


Beautiful image courtesy of Morguefile (clarita)


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