Photography: Making Mountain Memories (Part One)

This past weekend, we went on our first excursion outdoors.  It has been a long time coming.  This summer we had the crazy idea to remove the carpet in a few rooms and lay hardwood floors.  Considering we have never done this before, it actually turned out quite well.  With all the work – we have had no time to do what we love best: hiking.  So, to reward the kids for their patience, we took them up to the mountains.  This hike lasted approximately 4 to 5 hours.


Now, this is the first actual hike my son has completed on his own.  Until now, he has always been in a backpack (feel sorry for hubby’s back).  For a five year old, he did not complain one bit, which was very surprising.  Not too long ago we would walk into the grocery store and he would complain he was tired and needed to be carried.  Toward the end, he did complain that his legs didn’t work anymore.  At that point, I could not help but realize I was tired too, but he was looking for sympathy (begging me to carry him).  When that didn’t work, he tried to convince me the trip made him ill and he needed to spend the rest of the day laying on the couch watching movies. Sorry buddy!


At this point, I am hoping that fall lazes around a bit this year so that we can fit in more hikes before the weather gets cold.  Oh, and if you do enjoy the pictures – I will be posting three more posts of images from our hike (including wildflower pictures).  So stay tuned!


















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  1. Whoa so sweet! You know what, until now I thought you are my age (16) because in your poems I can see a streak of youth, I don’t know why. Now that I read about your son, I was much taken aback. 😛


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Well, I like to think I am young at heart 🙂 I don’t know – I am a mom of four girls and a boy, but truly I have never forgotten how I felt and what I thought when I was younger. I am older (of course) but I still look at the world with the same excitement and curiosity. I will definitely take that as a compliment!

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      1. That’s so sweet! I wish you be like this forever. My pleasure! 🙂


  2. Asha Seth says:

    So mesmerising!

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  3. maureenrose7 says:

    Wow! sounds like a great time! your photos are beautiful! 🙂

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    1. Sumyanna says:

      It was beautiful, but tiring at some points. In the beginning – it was really hot but fortunately it cooled down mid-hike and almost rained near the end. Glad we did it, but would have chosen an easier hike for our first 🙂

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      1. maureenrose7 says:

        yes it doesnt look easy, beautiful but not easy at all!


      2. maureenrose7 says:

        and just think youve got a difficult hike behind you all now. the next one should be a piece of cake! ahaha xoxo!

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        1. Sumyanna says:

          Oh I do hope so. What gives me hope is that my teenagers were complaining about aching muscles and I have been fine. Can’t complain 🙂 Hoping to go hiking next weekend as well. Promise to come back with pictures if I do.

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          1. maureenrose7 says:

            Oh yes please do! all of your pictures truly tell a story and they are beautiful! you take us all on the adventure with you!

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