Daily Post Prompt: The Sun Showered Her Praise, a Poem

The sun showered her praise
on flowers in the summer garden
their sun kissed petals
rose to the occasion – triumphant
and dripping with dew.
Roses blushed
in the silence of the morning
while bees clung to their centers
alive with sound
their saddlebags heavy
from the weight of pollen
and specks of yellow dust
precariously perched upon their backs.
Sunflowers tilted gently in the breeze
while wild grasses swayed at their feet
their golden seductive display
a siren song for bees, beetles, and the occasional fly
and when their job is done, they carry on.
There is a loud silence about all of this
for in the garden, one holds within
a silence of the heart
a stillness, long forgotten
from the noise of the streets,
of life –
and yet, there is sound
a soothing sound
bees abuzz
butterflies flitting
the sound of hovering hummingbirds
the peep of baby duck that has lost its way
and the voice of beauty, sung high above the trees
a melodious birdsong – that stirs the stillness of the heart
and above all this, the sun –
shining in admiration
in glee that all the beauty swept beneath her view
is partially due to her design
and she lingers still, till the end of day
showering her praise on all that is achieved.


(c) Sumyanna 2016


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: Praise


Beautiful image courtesy of Morguefile (pippalou)



One Comment Add yours

  1. Daleom says:

    The sun showered her praise:)


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