Daily Post Prompt: Neon Signs Paint the Sky, A Poem


I slowly drown
in bright flashing lights
as neon signs paint the sky
and block the view
of stolen countryside
I am alone . . .
in a land of plenty.

Blaring music
scrapes at silent night
and stars that shine
wax poetic
in glaring lines
the constant blink
against a sky you cannot see.

There’s no comfort
in thoughts unheard
their presence unknown
above the din
no solace here
and yet so many
dance within.

Perhaps the glare
just hides the wounds
artificial heart still beating
and the moon forgets
to shine against the starlit sky
no cause to amplify
their plastic beauty.

© Sumyanna 2015


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: Paint

Beautiful image courtesy of Morguefile (karencastens)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. beautiful and sad….love how you put it Sum,great thinking …love hugs


    1. Sumyanna says:

      I can’t help but see the loss – cracked pavement strip malls with closed up shops and the sound of a busy roadway. I lose my peace so far away from nature 🙂 Thank goodness we have parks.


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