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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Now, That’s My Idea of Fun!

This week, The Daily Post Photo Challenge is the word Fun!  At first, I thought about showing images of the time we recently went to the local amusement park with the kids, or perhaps images of them during ice skating practice.  However, when I really thought about it – I realized that any time that we have spent together has been fun.



No rides were involved or entertainment.  Sometimes fun is found in the small conversations between errands or school and home life.  Other times it is in our hiking adventures or simple walks around the park.  The most important ingredient – for me each and every time has been their presence.


I guess you could tie this into my photography as well – because for each and every photograph, I have a story behind it.  I remember who was all present and what the day looked like.  I think that is why I treasure photographs so much, I enjoy the memories that they bring.


We have only started hiking again this last week or so, as we were extremely busy this summer laying hardwood floors.  Last year we would have hiked to our heart’s content, but our littlest one got tired easy and begged to go home the minute we would get on the trail.  He’s 36 pounds now, so there’s no way anyone is putting him on their back!  We have a lot of memories on those trails – either from sights we have seen, things we have witnessed, and conversations we have shared.  It is a way for all of us to come together and I treasure every step and every mile.  So, for my fun post this week – I will post a few of the images of some of the trails and places we have come across.  I hope you enjoy!














I guess I have learned – it does not take a lot to make you happy, or to have fun.  Sometimes all you need is to learn to enjoy the moments that you spend with those that you love.  I cherish every one.


(c) Sumyanna 2016


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    1. We caught him trying to cross a sidewalk at the gardens. It was getting dark and he just hopped in our way. Fortunately, my daughter caught him – and that she is not afraid to handle frogs.


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