Daily Post Prompt: Don’t Complicate Your View, A Poem

It’s rather uncomplicated, you see?

The effort – to see beauty

You have not far to reach

And the world has much to teach

If only you could

Pry your eyes open

Allow your heart to see.

Look at the simple beauty

Of a seed

A container, of sorts

Not much use for it

Usually, it does not feed

It does not shield you

From the sun or rain.

Perhaps at one time –

It was thought useless

Thrown away

But have you ever pondered

This silent miracle?

Pour some water

Provide some soil

Allow the heat of sun

And sometime later –

A shoot bursts forth

Pulls away from the earth

And leaves appear.

It may be months

It may be years

In some cases,

They shall bear fruit

Others provide shade

And some, a place

For animals to dwell

And we never

Contemplate the value

Of planting a seed

We rarely contemplate

the ease with which

beauty can be seen.


© Sumyanna 2016


Image courtesy of Morguefile (Geoffs)


Written for The Daily Prompt: Complicated



6 Comments Add yours

  1. beautiful thinking Sum…great write 🙂 love hugs


  2. Flavia says:

    Love how you write, and your perspective–it’s similar to mine in that we both talk about how we have choices 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sumyanna says:

      One of the reasons I am glad to have found your blog. It is often a theme in my writing. I really believe it too 😊


      1. Flavia says:

        I confess I don’t always choose the Light–some days are just overwhelming–but my true heart always returns to good choices 🙂


        1. Sumyanna says:

          No worries – I don’t think anyone can always remain positive. It is a good start 🙂


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