Mothers, A Poem

A mother
finds contentment
with just the thought
of her child breathing
for happiness speaks
all languages
and across all lands
and she loves
and she loves
and she loves fully.
soul aching love
as any mother
would understand.
It matters not,
her language
nor the land
of her upbringing
this is the language
that love speaks
soft-hearted whispers
the loud, rushing,
thunderous love
of her worry and concern.
It knows no age,
nor time limits
but continues
to infinity.
It speaks beneath
a hand held
a soft touch
the gaze of eyes
that give value
way beyond
mountains of gold.
A mother loves –
and her heart
goes on repeating.
She is ever blessed,
by giving and receiving.

(c) Sumyanna 2016


Beautiful photograph courtesy of Morguefile (trestletech)


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