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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Where the Edges, the Lines, and the Frame Do Meet

I was actually thrilled when I learned of this challenge.  I think it is one of my largest goals as a writer – to define what is in the frame, to delineate its pieces.  I look to find the edges, the lines, the shadows of whatever I am writing about – and try to find a way to redefine what I see.  In photography, it is much the same.  I am not always happy looking at something one way, but wonder – what would it look like from this angle?  What would it look like when the shadows of evening start to fall?  Would it change?  Would it look different?  Would it stay the same?


Life, is just a puzzle to me that way.  Not a puzzle in which to be solved – but a puzzle in which to see how all the pieces fit and in the end, what can you make of it?  I guess that is why I am absolutely enthralled by art, photography, and writing.  I don’t really know how I look at it, I guess – because in any given moment, something else will click into place and allow me to see in a different way.


In my photos, I tried to show how I am always actively looking around me.  I not only see the frame, but its contents and how they both play together.  I sometimes close my eyes and imagine all that makes up the scene.  It is often with these images that I write.  So, here are the images I am posting for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Frame.













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