Portraits Poetry Series #19: Ocean Waves and Kaleidoscope Dreams

Portraits Series

Early afternoon
the sky a dust
of blue tinted clouds
and the waters –
opalescent shades
of green, blue, and white
like a kaleidoscope dream
a wave swirls
and the colors mix
a new shade of beauty
and they call to me –
come, come ride the waves
on the open ocean
be free.
I climb the dock
enter the gate
and a slight ocean breeze
tickles my senses
the scent of adventure is here
the warmth of the sun
soothes my back
and my arms
that carry a heavy load
begin to ache –
but I am here.
The boat rises and falls
in the water
small fish play beneath
quick movements
of orange and black
you can barely see
but streaks –
and then nothing.
I place my things
upon the deck
and hoist myself aboard
Oh, to be upon the open sea
the romance of waves
that lap beneath my feet
the sounds of gulls overhead
the bark of seals
that splay themselves
upon the nearby dock
and I feel at peace.
Everything is ready
I’ve checked the lines
and hoisted the sails
the ocean calls –
beckons me
come, come ride the waves
on the open ocean
be free
and I listen
there’s no turning back
against sirens’ song
desire so pure
it aches within
and I sail
until the stars
shall guide me
toward adventure
and though,
not a sailor
I dream to be.

© Sumyanna 2016


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nizeyimanafabrice says:

    “come, come ride the waves… on the open ocean… be free…” Just wow…
    Wonderful words tempting to explore the beauty of being free. Desire is so pure indeed.
    Brilliantly penned my dear:)


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you! Oh, nature has her beautiful ways. If you stand real still, you can hear it!


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