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Daily Post Discover Challenge: Finding Myself



For years,

I did not pick up the pen

Nor count the moments

When silence filled my heart

And I wished to fill them.

When I took the time to reflect

To finally write upon paper

What dashed across my soul

To share what I had seen –

Small moments wrapped in beauty

Reflecting light and life

That is when I finally breathed

And finally,

I meant something.

It was an awakening of sorts

My soul’s searching for meaning

Bright-eyed and filled with wonder

And I never knew where it would lead me

But led I was – wild, astray, and alive.

The words I speak

Fall not so gently from my heart upon the page

And if you listen, perhaps you would hear

The thump of its sudden existence

For the meaning of each line and phrase

Lies heavy in my heart

And though not always written, in memoir

There’s a piece of me –

There’s a piece of me here

For those that care to see.

And the images I capture

That parade across my page

Whether penned, painted,

Or a snapshot of a moment

Serve to fill my life with beauty

A remembrance, of sorts

That communicates to my soul –

All is not in vain.

This – is the life I was given

Though never perfect,

Though never sane

I strive to share a piece of my heart,

To live in the here and now

To breathe deep within my soul

The moments

The inspirations

And all of the dreams

For here, and only here –

I find deeper meaning.


© Sumyanna 2016


Written for The Daily Discover Challenge: Here and Now


Gorgeous image courtesy of Morguefile (pedrojperez)


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Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

14 thoughts on “Daily Post Discover Challenge: Finding Myself

        1. No worries. I haven’t been updating that one lately but I have a lot of poetry there as well as children’s stuff. Just been too busy to keep both up-to-date.


          1. I imagine you are kept very busy with your children! I liked what you said on the recent post with lovely photos–that perhaps to some degree your children influence how you see things now–truly, there’s nothing like the gift of childlike vision. I don’t have children, so perhaps that’s why I’m fascinated by others 🙂


          2. I am a homeschool mom – so we are around each other 24 x 7. Definitely not a complaint 🙂 From what I have seen with my own children – they are way more aware, resilient, and compassionate than I had ever imagined. I really like that about them.


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