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Unbroken, A Poem

It’s not so easy to break me
And no, I have no heart of stone
But long – long ago
There was a girl that believed
In the good in everybody
And life just has a way
Of teaching you lessons.
Although some
May be disappointed,
I cower not in a corner
Nor stir my bitter thoughts.
They lie lonely, somewhere
I’ve no desire to find them
For I prefer to dwell
Knowing, that despite
The lives that others lead,
And perhaps their disapproval
I choose the path that I lead
I have no need . . .
For someone else’s mercy
Nor approval from the masses
I’m just me – and yes,
For me – that is enough.
I shall sleep where I lay my head
Thankful for a moment’s reprieve
And some days, I may live in dreams
But I have to say that bitterness
Never tastes sweet
Despite what others may claim
Nor can it reside, in thankful heart.
No – no matter what tales you weave
Nor promises broken
Firm I shall stand against the tide
For life has taught me many things
And this is the only way
I know to be . . .

© Sumyanna 2015


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

14 thoughts on “Unbroken, A Poem

  1. Every line of this gave me chills! i hope you never stop writing not ever! i love this so much and feel you totally!! ❤


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