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Daily Post Prompt: Jump on Quickly – Memories of Winter, a Poem



When we were very small
Bundled up, we would brave the cold
Extra mittens, scarf wrapped tight
And we would drag our wooden sleds
To the top of the nearby hill
The landscape cold and stark
You could peek the nearby homes
Through leafless trees
And see almost everything
Far in the distance.
We would start our journey
Steel runners placed carefully
Upon newly packed snow
Hold it still to ensure
It doesn’t start the descent
Without its rider
Jump on quickly – hold on tight
And everything rushes past
Quick dancing shadows
Trees drip with snow
The neighbor’s yard
A great distance away
And later, a bend
In the unfinished road
It seemed to take forever
Time stood still
This quick descent
Oh so fast and swift
Atop this wooden chariot
And before it finally slows
We pass over another hill
Quicker still
And we enter through
A forest path
Beneath the branches
Filled with snow
It is silent here
Except for the sound
Of quickened breath
And the crunch of snow
Beneath our feet
Cold breath escapes
Snowflakes kiss my cheeks
And I grab the reigns
Now begins the real work
A long walk to the top of the hill
Slow trudge through knee-deep snow
And then another ride!

© Sumyanna 2015


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: jump

Wonderful image courtesy of Morguefile (click)



Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

13 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt: Jump on Quickly – Memories of Winter, a Poem

  1. so sweeet and great imagery Sum,i could see all that,I never got to play in the snow as a kid and when i was in Japan i did enjoy the first two years then i became too grumpy 🙂 heehee,but your poem brings wide smiles 🙂 i guess only as kids we really enjoy anything and everything and as we grow everyday wears us down,of course i’m not talking about you,you are one livewire 🙂 love hugs


    1. Yes, long ago we were much more carefree than we are now 🙂 Live in the moment, right? As a kid, the cold is no barrier to your enjoyment – I guess we just get more grumpy as we age, ha ha! I bet Japan was beautiful. Love you much Seema!


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