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Graceful Birds and a Brontide Chorus, A Poem

Morning songbirds
Shuffled along the fences
Flying gracefully
from limb to limb of leaning trees
Stealing seeds from the feeder
While squirrels run in circles
Beneath the trees
Searching for seeds
The birds had scattered
A forgotten crumb
They’d steal then chase
Clawing at the bark of trees
You could hear them scatter
Only to return and chase again.
By noontime, the sound had ceased
The grass had cleared
The feeder empty
There was a stillness
Before the storm.
In the distance
You could spy flashes of light
Across the sky
Dark clouds hung low
And you could hear
the brontide chorus
quickly descending upon us
you could feel the chill
of cool rain splash against your cheek
and for a moment, you stand still
wafting in the scent of fresh rain
dazzling in the beautiful display
of nature’s might and beauty
but then you rush indoors
and watch the rain
behind the safety
of windowpane.

© Sumyanna 2016

Written for the word prompt “brontide” which means the low rumble of distant thunder.


Submitted for The Daily Prompt: graceful

Beautiful image courtesy of Morguefile (fanndango)




Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

17 thoughts on “Graceful Birds and a Brontide Chorus, A Poem

  1. LOVE this–love “brontide chorus” and “rain splash” especially. We just had a rain shower as well–I wrote about the plum clouds which preceded it, just before twilight 🙂


    1. As long as it is not flooding, rain can be a wonderful thing. I absolutely love the rain. So that poem was inspired by your surroundings – so nice to know what moments led up to the words. Your poem was lovely.


        1. Yes – I was only mentioning it because it can cause flooding and we have seen floods here in some cases that were devastating. I love the rain, but realize its power too 🙂


          1. Because I know people who’ve been badly impacted by flooding, I am aware–distantly–of the damage rain can do, and thus more grateful that my rain is ‘pure poetry’ and nothing more.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. So very true. I have never really been impacted by rain that much but I have lived in different areas of the US where they have different struggles. We had floods in the mountains that destroyed entire communities and I have also been in places where flash flooding caused a lot of damage.

            I truly agree with you – rain is beautiful in its gentle moments 🙂


          3. My cousin–who lives just outside Houston, Texas–is currently having her home repaired after flood losses. She’s grateful she didn’t lose the whole house, as they are older and don’t feel up to “starting over”. But I often think of folks in the Philippines…I don’t know how they endure the common condition of flooding, and all the health issues that result–breaks my heart.


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