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Daily Post Discover Challenge: Driving Among the Clouds



This week’s Daily Discover Challenge had me thinking.  There were so many ways to go with this, it was a tough decision.  However, as I was looking over my images from a trip we took a week or so ago in the mountains I could not help but decide to make my own gif.  Fortunately it was not that hard and one of the benefits is that these images probably would not have been shown in any other way.


Last week we took a trip in the mountains.  We had heard the leaves were turning color and hoped to take a rest from the stresses of school to enjoy the ensuing fall beauty.  The entire trip was filled with beauty, and it is only a shame you cannot capture it all.  However, I really loved the feeling we had at the top of the highest peaks – it was as if we were driving among the clouds.


Let’s just face it.  I am crazy 🙂  I take pictures while my husband is driving, even though I know none of them will turn out well.  Seriously, we are fortunate that I am not driving because yes – I would be crazy enough to want to stop every few steps to snap another picture.  Somehow, he always has the better view while driving on his side of the road too.  However, in making a gif of these images that are less than perfect, I can give you a sense that you are also driving along with us and taking in the beautiful view.  So for that, I am ever so grateful that this challenge asked me to do something different.  Otherwise, you might have missed out on this.  I hope you enjoy!




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5 thoughts on “Daily Post Discover Challenge: Driving Among the Clouds

  1. Oh, I love clouds, always taking pictures of all kinds of things, but especially love clouds!! You probably have more dramatic cloud formation than we do in Britain. Our clouds tend to be higher, so rarely hang low in the sky, which I always feel makes them more dramatic. I don’t blame you snapping away, good you have a lovely man to drive. That would slow you down quite a bit if you had to keep stopping. Keep capturing the small things – and big ones, it’s a great hobby! 🙂


    1. I visited Britain once, but it was raining and I didn’t get to see much, sadly. I am in love with watching clouds. Here they are lovely – but we have also gone to New Mexico and California and the clouds there are different (which I have to admit surprised me). I didn’t realize (or perhaps just never thought of it). These pictures are taken near the very top of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Normally, near our house – we still see huge clouds but they don’t hug the skyline. These ones almost seemed as if we could drive right through them. It actually started to snow a little right after we got up there too. We were not prepared, it was much warmer down the mountain 🙂 Shivers…

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      1. You made me smile when you said “it was raining” yes, it often does!! If you go to Wales you’ll find even more rain, and Scotland is very misty, and Ireland… a bit of both!!! 😀


        1. Yes, from what I hear it does that often over there 🙂 I was a rather overcast day. We just rode the bus from the airport to our hotel and back the next day. I wish I would have stayed longer.

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