Portraits Poetry Series #23: The True Meaning of Nature

Portraits Series

This poem, as are all poems in the Portraits Poetry Series, is based on a painting.



Albert took his studies seriously
Face always in a book
And he studied the ways
Of nature through science
Knew every name
Of every leaf
And every tree.
He planted his garden
With utmost care
Checking the soil
And pruning the leaves
And he was content
With his knowledge
Face in a book
And he felt
He knew the ways
Of nature’s beauty.
Cora sat beside him
In uncomfortable pose
For thoughts
She could not contain
Begged to be spoken
And roses that Albert
Had carefully picked
Lay strewn across her lap
Some tumbled carelessly
To the ground
And she sat there
Internally weeping.
Cora did not know
The names
Of the leaves
Or the trees
Nor, did she know
The ways of nature’s mystery
Face not in a book,
But alive and seeking
Truths that only
Beauty can tell
In whispered moments
In the silent footsteps
Of beauty across your heart
Touched –
By sight
By sound
They sat on opposite sides
Of the bench
In uncomfortable stance
Albert was reading
And Cora –
Soaked in the beauty
Of the afternoon’s glow
Her mind climbed
The tendrils of leaves
That clung to the garden walls
She followed their intricate paths
And traced them with thoughtful hands
Her breath
Gently kissed the leaves
Sloping from their vessels
Near her feet
Resplendent shades
Of jade and chartreuse
Inviting the sun
Their golden flowers droop
Yet spring to life
A slight tinge of yellow
That brightens the garden
Their smell is sweet
And fragrant
And she takes this all in
Soaks in its beauty
Feels refreshed
And alive
Yes, this must be beauty
Sitting on a bench
In the afternoon
And finding the secrets
Hidden –
And embracing them
With your vision
This is the true meaning
Of nature.

© Sumyanna 2016


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