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Daily Post Discover Challenge: Weekday Flâneur

This week’s Daily Post Challenge is Flâneur, and they asked us to observe our own city, town, or patch of earth and report back.  Since we are home most of the week, I thought I’d share my favorite view – our backyard.  I will also share one of our favorite places to visit on the weekends to unwind ( I had so many pictures for this I had to break it up – this will be in my next post).  I have learned not to bother asking kids to help me figure out which pictures to share – according to them *squeal* they are too adorable to leave out.  Ugh.

To start, we do have a pretty ordinary backyard if I must say so myself.  What makes it amazing are the visitors that come to see us there.  Depending on the season, we have many different birds that visit, squirrels, and many resident cats.  Sadly, most of the birds have left already.  Instead, we get to see the antics of three resident squirrels – all from the view of my desk.

So, while the kids are sweating heavily over a math problem and I am awaiting their answer – I am usually trying to keep up with the latest squirrel drama 🙂  We have three squirrels.  We have an older male, and older female, and a seemingly teenage boy as well.  He is entertaining to watch as he often likes to chase his own tail in excitement.

Now, if you follow me – you know these squirrels have already been a topic of conversation (and photos) before.  Fortunately for you and perhaps for them as well, they do quiet down during the winter.  I’m not sure if they are just hiding out from the cold or if having a crazy lady taking their picture the rest of the year just tires them out 🙂

First of all, this is how my day starts out.  I’m working, just minding my own business when I notice this staring me in the face.  He is directly across from my window and I guess, trying to figure out what humans are doing at home this early in the morning.


This time he got close enough to look in our window.  He was not afraid of me at all…





Later, he was joined by the younger fellow (who did somersaults in our yard trying to catch his own tail while also being chased away by the older male.


They were later joined by their lady friend.  The older male chased her out of the yard as well.  I guess he “owns” our backyard.


She ran up a tree in the neighbor’s yard…


Then a cat decided to check out all the commotion…

The squirrels were so busy chasing each other, they almost missed the cat.  He didn’t seem to be in hurry though, he only watched 🙂


Hey!  Where’d they go?


Checking to see if the coast is clear…


Let’s have one last romp around the backyard before we call it a day!



See you later!


To see what my weekend flâneur  looks like, click here.

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18 thoughts on “Daily Post Discover Challenge: Weekday Flâneur

  1. awwwwwwwwwww 🙂 checking if the coast is clear…heehee… oh i love and envy you girrl 🙂 this is such a beautiful,heart warming,smile bringing post,again i say know that you are blessed Sum,stay blessed always,love you,hugs


    1. Yes, they are pretty active. I actually miss them on the days they are playing in someone else’s backyard 🙂 Oops, as I am typing this the big guy just pranced across my fence. No kidding! He must know I am talking about him. Oh, these little moments of beauty just make my day a little brighter. So strange to find contentment in things you find in your own backyard, but I am definitely not complaining.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. no no absolutely …that is happiness and prosperity and contentment,never lose that,we have birds visiting us and i know how it feels,it’s so pleasant to have these around us 🙂 love you,stay blessed always 🙂


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