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They Said She Couldn’t Do It…



They said

You’ll never climb

And they watched

In the distance

As she continued

To struggle

Bruised, and fighting tears –

Pulling herself up

Step by step

Higher and higher

And they stood below

Counting the steps

It would take

For her to falter

Would it be 30

Or 40

60 or more

What would it take

For her to finally know

This useless quest

Was done?

But she knew –


You need to be

The lone voice in your head

Cheering yourself on.

“Climb baby, climb!”

She said to herself,

Powered by

The unrelenting will

To never give up,

No matter the odds.

She pulled herself

Higher and higher


Further and further

And the others stood

Below the mountain,

Certain she had failed

Yet she walked on –

Unaware of their doubts

For she only heard

The sound

Of her own voice calling

“Never give up”

As she reaches the top

And continues walking

Into the great unknown

Searching for other

Mountains to climb.


© Sumyanna 2016




Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

15 thoughts on “They Said She Couldn’t Do It…

  1. beautifully inspiring Sum…can i say something that might irk you,my whole life it was like ‘you can do it yes,easily’ mostly studies and writing and that puts me under immense pressure,i know i am crazy … but here in poetry land where there are so many stronger voices than mine,indeed i need this,need some pushing and cheering …thank you for this and love you Sum,hugs


    1. No worries – it does not irk me at all. I know that all of us have our own challenges, if not today – than tomorrow. Our growth requires it 🙂 I personally think it is great when someone has something like that – a good, fruitful upbringing. I hope that my own children can say “I have never known not to believe in myself.” I would feel like I had truly accomplished something worthwhile. I personally think you should thank – thank – and rethank who every gave you such a gift. And try to remember to tell you Mom that I said so 🙂

      Oh for poetry – there are other voices, but that is to be expected. We are all shaped by different experiences, different views and viewpoints, and even a different approach to finding the words. To me, I love the way you write and enjoy reading it. I like it perhaps – because it is not a carbon copy of me. It has its own beauty that resonates. So don’t feel like you have to live up to everyone else’s expectations or methodology. What makes you – YOU – is what makes you BEAUTIFUL, and I cherish that. I think what would truly be a gift for you – is to find that your voice is just as much worthy as anyone else’s. I truly believe that. I will keep cheering and I don’t tire easily 🙂

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      1. I’m thankful for everyone who has encouraged me throughout 🙂 and here i’m thankful for you 🙂 I do believe you are a terrific Mom,you da best 🙂 also i’d like to believe that you like my work as much as i like your’s for that would be awesome 🙂 and now girrlie you need to be HULK SMASHED for bringing such warmth to my day,love you…


        1. I’ll tell you a little secret. I follow you because I love your work – always have. From this, blossomed a friendship and I am ever so grateful, but you lured me in by your lines 🙂

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  2. Like it. Nice story. Reminds me of when I decided to run the London Marathon. Had many people saying I wouldn’t manage it due to having dyspraxia. Eventually did…just took about 5 hours 30 to do so.

    Haven’t been mountain climbing yet though. Who knows? Maybe next year.

    By the way…added something to my site now for the Daily Prompt you mentioned (the Eerie one).


    1. I think most of us have had to – at some point in our lives – be the only voice cheering in the background. We may have times of weakness, but we also have to continue on believing in ourselves. I can imagine that was a wonderful experience – knowing you could do it. I go hiking, but not mountain climbing. I’d probably kill myself (but you never know) 🙂 For me, I use the things I see – the things I know – the things I feel to communicate what I want to through other stores (if that makes sense). This poem is much larger than someone climbing a mountain. It is about an approach to life that is often necessary. I felt the mountain climber (a painting that prompted this poem) was quite an easy way to convey that. So glad you liked it.

      I added a link to your prompt 🙂 Hopefully more people will hear about you. I have enjoyed your writing for quite some time.

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    1. I know exactly what you mean. I often take what I know and make it into something that seems different – but the message is the same 🙂 You nailed it! Keep climbing.


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