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Bludgeoned by the Truth, A Poem





Sometimes, the world

Wants to bludgeon us

With its truths

You must walk

The same walk as me

Or what you’re doing

Is wrong

And they beat

And they beat

And they try to beat

This nonsense

Into our skulls

But stubbornly,

We just won’t listen

Because sometimes –

We see the reality

Even if we don’t know it.

In a field of flowers

No two the same

Each one’s delicate beauty

Adds to

The splendor

Of the scene

No this one is beautiful

No this one

And the next

And exhausted

The different ways of beauty

You see –

Though different,

Each one lends beauty

Its name.

Yet why don’t we say that

About you or me?

On a beach

Quietly standing,

The waves rolling in

You can hear the gentle cry

Of seagulls

The laughter of children

You breathe in

The calming scent

Of fresh salty air

Feel the

Sand between your toes

The water rushing past

And were you tasked

To say –

What one thing

Made the difference

You could not separate

Its parts

For though different,

They sing better


They tantalize the soul

Yet why can’t we say that

About you or me?

Even in science

We learn

a whole is equal

to the sum of its parts.

And yet somehow

This wisdom

Chooses to depart

When we think

Of individuality

For though we like to say

We value our differences

The truth often speaks –

You have the freedom

To be who you are –

But I only see value

When you walk like me.


© Sumyanna 2016


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: bludgeon





Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

10 thoughts on “Bludgeoned by the Truth, A Poem

  1. OUTSTANDING!!!! WELL DONE you,i love how you compared this with the fields and the tranquil you feel near the sea and the science too,great work sweetheart and so true we acknowledge what we think we recognise,everything else is foreign…sadly


    1. I really do not know where this poem came from. It just hit me and the lines wrote themselves. I guess I was deep in thought 🙂 I just think we need to lose a little of our own superiority and learn a little humility. We need to find curiosity and let it lead us to better understanding and appreciation of others. Many of the problems the world is going through today – is because to pull ourselves up on that pedestal, we have to ignore the beauty of everyone else.


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