Daily Post Prompt: How Small I Am…



Have you ever wondered
at the base of towering mountains?
How small I am –
How small I am –
And these massive beauties stand
Reaching toward the sky
And yet, impermanent
For what did it look like
So long ago?
And whose feet tread here then?
And what did they whisper into the wind?
Did they dream?
Did they hope?
Were they just like me, or different?
What was the color of their skin?
What lilting language did they speak?
What stories did their voices carry?
And did they ever wonder
At the base of a towering mountains?
Did they ever wonder –
Who had come before
And what was their story?
The winds blow and the sands erode,
you can spy their remains at their base
And the years have etched their truths
Across these walls
Stretching high –
Stretching high –
And I wish to stretch as high
To dream as much
As mountains towering to the sky
Here, I will leave my whisper
And ponder on my dreams
And perhaps someday,
Another shall pass
Who shall wonder the same of me.

© Sumyanna 2016


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: base


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