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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Can You Feel Her Magic?


At the gardens, I feel absorbed in its magic.  Every place I turn and every nook and cranny I discover, is bustling with beauty.  When I am there, I cannot help but sigh with relief and perhaps a bit of acknowledged exhaustion – staying away from nature wears me thin.


I could try to over analyze things.  I could try to ask myself – do others feel the same, or am I different?  However, in the scheme of things, I think it really does not matter.  I don’t know if it is in growing up in the mountains for a few short years – climbing trees, watching birds build their nests, listening to the silence of everything save the crickets and a gentle breeze – all I know is that it means something to me.  There is a deep connection there for some reason, and I feel blessed to have it.


I guess that is why winter is especially hard for me.  It is not that you cannot find beauty there as well, but I am one who finds beauty in undisturbed beauty.  I want to look outside my window to see new fallen snow, without footprints, save the animals that have wandered onto the property.  I want to wonder – where have they gone, and who were the visitors?  I want to see the glint in the nearby forest as the sun shines in the middle of the day and snow hangs precariously from overburdened fir trees.  Wait – and then the gentle thud as it releases.  I want to be mesmerized by the silence of snowfall and in the suburbs (or even the city) you are usually surrounded by plowed streets straddled with exhaust and dirt, slush overfilling the sidewalks, and ice awaiting your very next step.


So today, I want to wander in the beauty of my memories of the gardens.  I want to remember the scent of her perfume and the dance of her flowers in a gentle breeze.  I want to be reminded of growth and possibility.  While I could focus on many of the flowers there, I will only focus on one – who always stands out to me.


There is something truly magical about this flower’s beauty, and it is a shame that I don’t even know her name.  Yet every time I go to the gardens, I notice her.  It matters not, if the sun is shining through her upturned petals or if she rests easily in the shade of nearby trees.  She calls to me.  Perhaps you also will find her beauty beckon you like magic…




















Submitted for The Daily Post Photography Challenge: Magic
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