Giving Thanks…



Wouldn’t it be nice –

If yesterday’s mistakes

Elicited the proper response

A sign of growth

An opportunity for change

Perhaps even some

Small sign of regret

Yet how many times

Have we traveled

This road

And collectively

We give birth

To the same sentiment

Which we would abhor

Turned in our own direction.

What have we lost

From this lackadaisical lean

Toward our future

Where one man

Over another

Feels prominent

And strong

Whatever happened

To remembering

Those who gave you

A helping hand

Remembering our struggles

To give comfort

For those who suffer the same

Yet we sadly refrain,

It is not us

It is not from us

And we wonder why

There has been little change

Sometimes, strangely –

We even mourn the consequences

Of our silent tongues

Yet do nothing

To change it.

If you

Have –

Know that others do not

So be thankful for the ways

That you have been blessed

And there is not greater


Than sharing

With your fellow man

No matter how small.

What matters –

Is understanding

That the gifts

You have been given

Beg using them well

And there’s no greater time

Than the present.


© Sumyanna 2016


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: elicit

Gorgeous image courtesy of Morguefile (svklimkin)


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