Daily Post Prompt: Food Nourishes the Soul




I found myself this morning

Standing over the stove

My desire to find warmth

Has grown –

As autumn brings cooler days

And I silently long for nourishing sun.

Barren skies do bring a chill

Winter air has snuck quietly in

But I am lost in this moment –

Garlic peeled and crushed

Simmering in olive oil

Onions, pungent and strong

Sliced with careful hands

Now turn a golden brown

Deep red garnet yams

The soft flesh of zucchini

And summer squash

Join the mix

With the last of the garden tomatoes

A splash of sea salt and fresh basil.

The world finally speaks

The words my heart

Has been longing to hear

Bright – fresh – and full of color

And though the trees

Still remain barren

I feel satisfied like a hunter

Recently come in from the cold

He sits by the heat of the fire

Stretched out in contentment

I have finally

Brought that warmth home.

Ready to take on my day –

I know that food

Nourishes the soul.


© Sumyanna 2015


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: pungent


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