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Photography: Finding Beauty’s Remains


Before stumbling on the amazing display of lights across the gardens, I was able to capture some of the remaining beauty hanging on.  Had you asked me years ago if I would take pictures of plants not in full bloom – I probably would have said no.  Spring is when beauty sings!  However, I have grown in my understanding and see beauty in any season.
















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30 thoughts on “Photography: Finding Beauty’s Remains

  1. Wow, you have taken some incredible photos! I love how you have captured the plants bathing in the sunlight, each plant is stretching for its last glimpse of spring. Stunning!


  2. hey these photos are amazing! I’ve been thinking of getting a new camera recently – this is persuading me even more! if you have a moment – check out my blog? x


    1. So glad you say that – I do too! Strange, because many would prefer fresh, crisp, and new. I find it amazing in all its stages but the beauty of decay is also present.


    1. Funny thing is – we often escape at some point to California in the winter. While I love the seasons, I also love that some places remain intact. I know it is colder and a bit grayer, but there is something to be said also for the beauty of permanence 🙂


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