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Daily Post Prompt: Remnants of a Culture, Anasazi Dreams

A few years ago, we visited Mesa Verde National Park.  From that trip, I learned one thing – no matter what part of the earth you explore – there is beauty to be found.  My ideal trip is usually near the ocean or mountainous regions so this was my first time choosing a place closer to a desert.  I am glad we went and yes, beauty was everywhere…


Wikipedia states:

Mesa Verde National Park is a U.S. National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Montezuma County, Colorado. It protects some of the best preserved Ancestral Puebloan archeological sites in the United States.










Here is a poem inspired by the photographs I had taken there.  I hope you enjoy them.


Sand swept ruins

Are now laid bare

Revealed beneath

The blazing sun


Shelter sought

And safety found

On precipice high

Your tale begun.


A world – a life

In distant time

So far from what

I have known


What dreams and passions

Led you here

This lonely place –

you called your home.


Nothings left

But remnants kept

Entice my eyes

And stir the heart.


I peek inside

And cannot help

But wonder . . .

What truths do they impart?


(c) Sumyanna 2015


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: culture


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

12 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt: Remnants of a Culture, Anasazi Dreams

  1. Thanks or the pictures and the poem, which takes me back to my early teens, when we had a Rotary exchange student staying with us, who came from New Mexico, and brought us books and information about these sights, and an old flint arrow head, which I kept for a long time,but have now lost. I never realized that you came from the USA, this is one of the sights I would visit in the USA, but will probably never make it there, as visas are extremely expensive, and as I was an activist in the past I have a Apartheid record, which will count against me, especially now that Trump is about to be inaugurated as President. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


    1. It is an amazing sight to see. We went quite a few years ago and the kids really enjoyed it. My younger children wish to go again. It is amazing to think you step on land where other people once dwelled. Of course, it is true of any patch of earth – but it is more apparent when you step back into time in places like this. It makes you wonder what life was like back then. I hope that being American doesn’t count against me 🙂

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      1. There are always special places like this, and so many to visit, it would take many lives to visit them all, but it is great that you and your family have found one that is so special to you. I have no great problem with Americans, but find some of your governments policies difficult to accept and understand. I feel sorry for particularly minorities in the USA once Trump is sworn in, and realize that that countries in Africa and Asia in particular are going to struggle under this administration. It seems to me that American politics at the moment is rather bankrupt. It was only slowly that I began to realize that you were American, but many of my friends and followers on my blog are Americans. I love Blues music, and follow jazz as well, and helped research a book about the early history and analysis of American popular music, which is now a classic of its type.


        1. Yes – there are so many wonderful sites to visit in so many lands (and so little time). Oh, the American’s comment was said with a smile 🙂 I completely understand where you are coming from and I strongly feel the same. Sometimes – our government or country acts in ways that are contrary to our hearts, but we must find ways to keep on going and hope better times will come. I am concerned – not only for people abroad, but also people here. I worry about my children’s future and the backwards move we are making by saying it is now okay to have prejudice and disrespect. I worry about what kind of people will rise up after this, but sometimes in history – we become better off because of our tests. I hope it can promote change at some point in time.

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          1. I think you are right, I think it will, but before that comes, I think life will be difficult fore many, including as you say in your land. Here is Africa we all celebrated Obama’s coming, but actually no US president has done less for Africa than Obama. But perhaps that and the coming of Trump will make us stronger, and help get Africa up and going on her own terms. 🙂


    1. I know what you mean. I took my older camera which was not as good. I was thinking as I posted this – I wish I could go back again. Imagine what I could do with that zoom!


    1. We had a wonderful time. We need to go again as my youngest never went and his older sister was too young to remember. We even went on the railroad out there. It was a beautiful visit.

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