Finding Meaning in Words: euneirophrenia



Another prompt – this time a word I have never seen before.  Not so easy it rolls off the tongue, but I am happy with the poem I wrote for it.  Who knew words could be so fun?  I will try to do these from time to time (just to keep things interesting) 🙂




The World is Calling Me Back From My Dreams

Euneirophrenia whispers
In the heart of morning
Where shadows play upon the grass
And trickles of light dance upon the sidewalk
I close my eyes and I –
Am bathed its beauty, gathered in its warmth
I can hear the sounds or morning merriment
Children in the fields, at play
Dancing among the wildflowers
The tall growing grasses
That hover over their shadows
Birds, high up in the trees
Sing to me as I dream
I am awake – yet asleep
And the moment intoxicates my spirit
I hesitate between breaths
Yearning to tarry longer,
But I know that I must leave
For the world is calling me back from my dreams.

© Sumyanna 2016



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