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Are You Up for the Challenge? I’ve Been Prompted #8


I’m going to try something new this week and only post the prompt.  This way, I give myself a week to respond and find how to weave the words into a poem.  Sometimes this process is quick and other times, it takes a while.

Why do I do this challenge?

First of all, I have to say I do this for me.  I usually do this type of prompt from time to time to stretch my writing skills.  To write about yourself or your feelings (in my opinion only) is easy.  To give life to a poem that contains none of that take a bit more practice.  However, I have found that even my own “feeling” poems, when I write them – benefit from this practice greatly.

The interesting thing is, writing for a set of words changes the stage.  You no longer have to come up with an idea, but you have to take an idea that is already there and perhaps even those ideas are not cohesive and give it life.  In the end, I find it a challenge and a fun one at that.  So while I post these and ask for participation, I am not going to stop doing this any time soon.  If people want to join in – that’s great, but this exercise is also for me and I hope that sharing what I come up with helps you see how this process works.  Perhaps you will find yourself longing to do the same.

What is the challenge?

Write a poem, prose piece, or short story (really anything you like – even art would be awesome) using the ten words posted below.  Allow the words to guide you and try to find a common theme or story that you can wind around them.  It is really a wonderful practice.  You do not have to use all 10 words, but try to use at least 3.  If you find a word like “dance” does not work, but “danced” does, by all means – be flexible with yourself.  This is all about learning to be creative 🙂

Should you share in this challenge, you will be amazed at how different our voices, our viewpoints, and our journey will be.  To me, that is the most fascinating part of this.  I have even taken words at times and written another poem later and the poem takes on a different life than the one I had previously written.

Want to join in?

If you decide to join in, by all means share.  Leave a link to your page in the comments and if you do write – try to leave a link on your page here, so others may join in.  If you choose not to join in, I promise not to hold it against you 🙂  This is just “my thing” well, I guess it would be more accurate to say “one of my things” and I appreciate you putting up with the quirkiness that is me.

Here are the words:


I will post my poem later in the week (I hope) unless I get too busy, but it will be soon!

Writing at it’s best:  Other Writers Take on the Prompt

Excellent write by Leigha Robbins: In a Different League

Wonderful prose piece by The Pissy Poet: The Mock ECG

Wonderful prose piece, by Serendipitous Web Life: Gonna Wanna Dance

Amazing poem by november child: Sizzling



Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

14 thoughts on “Are You Up for the Challenge? I’ve Been Prompted #8

  1. I’ll try to participate this week, I tried last weeks words and what I came up with was stupid. Then when I tried to do something different, my brain kept going back to the other one. Needless to say, I just let it go. I’ll try again this week. It’s usually fun…. when it’s not frustrating. : )

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    1. I know what you mean. Some words just don’t sing for me either 🙂 It happens. I usually don’t try to force myself. Sometimes it works later and other times I just say it’s okay to skip.

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  2. The Mock ECG – “Are you Up For the Challenge Prompt”
    Giddy and yet shy times. The medical student lay there, naked from the waist up as the assistant shaved a small spot on his chest. Practice makes perfect, she gave him the instructions managing not to flub them up. “The electrodes won’t hurt,” she droned, “They give us a base line idea of what your heart is doing.” Still anxious, cold and full of doubt, he’s never done this before in front of the whole class.

    Information gathered, he lays there thinking that it is amazing how long 13 seconds can be. He held his breath, though she told him not to, he keeps deathly still and hears the paper moving smoothly out of the machine.

    “ECG is over, Mr. Brown, you can put your clothes on after I remove the tags. Doctor should be in a moment to explain your test results.”

    Pop! She places the paper sheet in her binder, noting that there isn’t much room left in it for the addition of one more module of notes.

    Off the table and dressed, Mr. Brown trots off down the hallway.

    LAS 2016 copyright all rights reserved


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