Portraits Poetry Series #35: Cat and Mouse

In case you haven’t been here before, I love writing prompts – whether a list of words, one word, or even an image.  With these posts, I have written poems specifically about paintings and I hope, with my words, you see the scene just as visibly in your heart and mind as if you had seen the image itself.

Portraits Series

It captures her attention
Eyes staring well beyond
This curious attraction
Her stare burns deep
It moves, and her sight follows
No moment to close her eyes
She must trace its steps
Follow stare with stare
Intent to unravel
Its mystery.
She is intent
And stillness sinks
Between them
Just scattered footfalls
Here and there
Of prey
And then she leaps
Purred footsteps
Across the tile
She has caught
His attention
Poor little mouse,
He didn’t know
What hit him.

© Sumyanna 2016


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