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Daily Post Photo Challenge: I Wait in Anticpation…

I thought it would be harder to post for this photo challenge, but when I sat down and thought about it – I realized that the main reason I am so romanced by photography is the anticipation of what happens next, the question of what happened before, and the collection of a moment that is so clear to my eye that I always recognize the exact moment the shutter button was clicked.  My spirit is awakened in nature, there is something that just speaks to me when I am out there.  There are no clocks ticking, no expectations, no right or wrong, just absorbing the moment – taking everything in with each of the senses and the desire to be overwhelmed by it all.


I know this may sound strange to some, as I believe not everyone feels so passionately about these things.  I know that there is no reason for either of us to apologize, for the world thrives on our seeing things our own way.  So perhaps, this post is mostly for me to share my view and hopefully, it will provide some joy or insight, like I receive when someone’s share of their world opens up my eyes a little wider.


For this challenge, I could probably post any image to go along with this post as I truly feel I am always awaiting the next moment with bated breath, but instead I will try to share with you a few images from a visit to the local gardens.  With each image, I stood in awe of the moment, rejoicing in the moment captured, and in anticipation of the next.


When we first stepped out of the car, this was our view.  My husband always finds himself amazed that I can actually step out of the car and already find a photo.  I could not help but stand there and wonder – what had the clouds only looked like moments before and what would it look like if I stood here longer?  I usually do not have an answer to that question, as life always begs us to keep moving forward – but it is a question that I always ask myself as I raise my camera to my eye.




The sky was just glorious that day, and if you do ever take the time to watch the clouds (if life allows you a moment’s rest) you will see that the sky is quickly changing before our eyes…




With the photograph below, I cannot help but wonder what aspects would quickly change this photo if I could only wait for them.  What did it look like earlier in the day?  What creatures will pass by and changed the scene?  What would I see if I could only stand still?




I think the same for these…




Even with the photo below, I cannot help but wonder what would it look like if a gentle breeze blew?  What would change in the scene?  Would the water ripple?  Would the leaves tremble?  I stand there for a moment, anticipating change and different shades of beauty.






For the photo below, I cannot help but ask myself while taking the image – what must it have looked like before decay set in?  I see its beauty now, against the pale blue sky and I wonder how will further decay changes the lines and edges of its form?  How will beauty speak through these changes?  I wait in anticipation…








Even with a simple photo like the one below, I cannot help but wonder – if I stood here a little longer, would I get a better shot?  How much more beautiful would the scene be if only I could wait?  I cannot help but be pulled by this urgent call to anticipate the next move but I am also pulled by the ever present reality, that I can’t always wait.  I click the photo and move on, but the idea of what could have been speaks to me as well as the beauty captured here for me to remember.




And at last, it was time to go.  I could not help but take one last shot.  And though it is not that much different than the photos before, I cannot help but look at this one dreamily.  There is a beauty here in its silence and repose.  I look at it and cannot help but wonder what stories of beauty will unfold the next time I am able to visit.  And as winter draws its cold white cloak around us, I wait in anticipation…





I hope you enjoyed a view into the things I treasure and the anticipation I always cherish.


(c) Sumyanna 2016


Written and submitted for The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Anticipation


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

11 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge: I Wait in Anticpation…

  1. Sum all these pictures,especially of these post’s are breathtakingly beautiful,i love the sky and clouds and find them magnanimous … beautiful pictures beautiful words in between,a delight this post is.. i love you Sum…hugs

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely loved reading your thought process when you take photos. As someone who likes to take photos, I can relate. I too like standing in one spot and waiting to see if the scene around me will change, and will think about what will pop up right in front of me. Also, I always tell myself never to take just one photos, but take a few from different angles. The more the better, and take photos of the same subject with different camera settings. It can be time consuming but I think this is what makes us slow down and take a better look around the world 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I guess we always wonder if we are the only one – it is good to know you have good company 🙂 What bothers me is when I step away and look back and see something that wasn’t there before. Since my kids also are into photography, they often step right behind me to take an amazing shot. Oh well, you win some and you lose some! I still have yet to mess with the camera settings and need to do more of that. It is a rather new camera so I am still learning. The more you learn, hopefully the more you can do!

      Liked by 1 person

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