Bring Forth Thy Merry Tales, A Poem



Only time will tell
the lies that thou beseech
Sing, sing upon the hill and dale!
For surely there shall be audience
They shall come clawing across the valley
Wearing every fanciful garment
A kerchief to wave and cheer
They shall climb down the peaks
And sing so jolly –
But it matters not the merry number
No, only thy tale shall carry weight
And that dear, is where the story is wrought
A hindrance, the lies you drag across your back
Your shrill words sing like last year’s torment
Where death and destruction did dwell
To many, you sound brave to stand against the wind
Alas, a kite without a sail shall fly much higher
Than the words that thou dost speak
For they barely pass beyond your lips
And the lies do choke your merriment
It is a sad song, when one dost contrive
To tell the truthful story well
Yet all the words are filled with lies
In merriment, the crowd cheers
As they fall like spittle from thy lips.

(c) Sumyanna 2016


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