Color fades
With sorrow
A long drawn out feeling
My heart, wiped
Across the landscape
And I am left to dry.
Bones worn and bleached
They gasp in the heat of the sun
And I feel their ache
Their loneliness
They haunt my dreams.
I am abandoned
In the desert of my thoughts
Alone . . .
And there is nothing
That can reach me
The desert sands
Blow in the wind
And arrest my weary frame
My head hangs low
My heart heavy
The desolate moon
Overshadows my figure
Forsakes my heavy thoughts
Born of old wounds
And sorrows
That rake across my soul
I am alone . . .
And there is nothing
That can reach me.

© Sumyanna 2016

Beautiful image courtesy of

In this poem, I am experimenting with expression – and in this case I started out with the lines “color fades with sorrow.”  I wanted to show that through imagery of a landscape – desolate, lonely, dead.  I actually focusing on the feelings I have felt while looking at Goergia O’Keefe’s art.  The way the skull pokes out of the dirt – bleached and dry.  It seems to speak to me of lonliness.  I know – strange.  I am just working out different ways of speaking in a poem and find nature a good way to reflect emotions sometimes.

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    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you very much.


  1. bethanyk says:

    I dont think strange at al….perfect

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  2. Wow…this is fantastic! I love the imagery and the feeling it evokes. 🙂

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