Photography: Autumn Splendor by Our Front Door

I am not kidding when I say I actually have ventured out and taken pictures in our front yard.  You really don’t have to go that far to find beauty – you just have to look more closely.  First of all, there is a beautiful tree that sits in front of our house.  I actually sit beneath her or stand beneath her in wonder and trace her scars.  I try to catch glimpses of sun between her leaves.


We also have a strange flowering plant next to the house that at times, has been less loved.  At one point, we tried to get rid of it – but it seems its roots are like traipsing weeds.  Last year, we had an early frost and all of our bushes out in front of the house were destroyed.  This plant held on – even under all the weight of snow.  Not only that, but it has grown with some changes.  There are shoots that come out from the plant that look different than the original plant, but not different enough to say it came from somewhere else.  Also, it actually grew out of the broken branches.  Oh, the wonders of nature!


Anyway, these are images taken in my front yard – just enjoying the tree and the flowering bush.  Believe it or not that beautiful flower was taken at the same time the leaf shots were.














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  1. Nature teaches in so many ways,we should try to be like that `unloved’ tree…oh i love these pictures,the first one is beyond beautiful,i say again i find more reasons to envy you 🙂 and to love you too 🙂 love and hugs


    1. Sumyanna says:

      So true – and so glad you enjoy them. Yeah, to think we tried to chop that down. It can be an unruly plant at times, but it has proven to be resilient and beautiful.

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  2. WOW beautiful photography. Loved each one.


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you so much!


      1. Talk about exquisite, that would be it. You did a brilliant job. had to tell you that.

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  3. The Pissy Poet says:

    I so love your photography. You make me want to go out (even though it’s 21 degrees here today) and play with my Nikon! Thank you for your constant inspiration.


    1. Sumyanna says:

      Oh, please do! That would be awesome!!! I know what you mean though about the cold keeping you though. Not only is it cold here but my camera is also broken. Missing it immensely. I shall live vicariously through your camera lens 🙂 So glad you like them.


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