Tell Me the Tale of Your Descent, A Poem

The word of the day today at Merriam-Webster is “whimsical.”





Tell me the whimsical tale

Of your descent

Share with me the breezes

That touched your lips

As you fell


Across the landscape

Sing to me

Of your fervent reach

Across the fields and farmhouses

And let me know how it felt

To finally reach land

The earth settled

Beneath your feet.

You, shining

In the reflection

Of sunlit rays

You were beauty then –

Before descent

And while descending

And still, upon landing

And some day your song

Shall come undone

As the land warms

Beneath your feet

But I shall always be entranced

By the birth of your longing.


© Sumyanna 2016

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  1. breathtakingly beautiful,i was trying hard to write for winter and snow and i could come up with none and this is just amazing,great write,love and hugs

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  2. Very poignant, Sumyanna.

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