Photography: Through the Lens of a Microscope (Part #3)

I hope to at some point to find more diverse things to photograph with the digital microscope – but I am still amazed at how different things feel and seem through the eyes of the microscope.  Even I, knowing what they are – think to myself “wow, that looks pretty cool!” whenever I look at the photos.  I guess I am still mourning the death of my camera.  It is probably just a bad battery or something, but with all the home improvement projects we have been doing, fixing it was put on hold.  I am hoping to know more soon – or better yet, getting it fixed.


I sat looking out the window this morning and saw stretch upon yawning stretch of geese flying overhead.  It was such a photographic moment and I could not help but ache to go sit in the woods somewhere (alone, in the cold) and wait for the perfect photographic moment.  Sadly, I don’t know if that will ever happen – life has a way of reigning you in probably when you need it most 🙂  Here are the photos recently taken with the microscope (safely indoors where it is nice and warm)…


Don’t Want to Burst Your Bubble20

Caught in the Headlights21

Blue Moon22


Red River24


Carrying the Sun’s Weight26


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  1. great pictures and captions all 🙂

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  2. wow really cool images!

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    1. Sumyanna says:

      Thank you very much!


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