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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Where Beauty Lays Her Graceful Head

This week’s Photo Challenge at The Daily Post is Graceful.  The moment I think of graceful,  I am swept away the by lilting beauty of nature.  It does not matter where I encounter it.  It can be on the side of a neglected roadside, in the middle of a walking path, way up high in the mountains, beside a roaring river, or along an ambling creek – her gracefulness tugs at my heart and begs me to look more closely.




I guess that is one of the reasons I have taken up the camera – to listen more closely, to notice, to be aware.  I also think I have taken up the camera – to remember, to cherish, and to lean on those moments when nature just isn’t available to me.  It gives me hope of new promise, new views, rebirth, and it responds to my longing to connect with nature.




It is in my moments with nature that I get to observe the amazing changes and challenges that nature goes through.  It reminds me to stay resilient.  It also shows me that despite the challenges, beauty is still found here.  It is a reminder to never give up or lose hope.




I have had moments with nature before her promise of growth.  I have walked the paths, leaned down, and inspected weary, empty branches she has held.  I have wondered what beauty shall come of this – but I have also inspected her beauty in her current state.  The way she gracefully leans against the wind and sometimes let’s herself free, the wind blowing her back and forth – but she remains gracefully agile and strong.




In summer, I have watched her grow to new depths.  I have see nature’s beauty stretch toward the sky and redefine grace.  Her sense of purpose, whether it is observed or not, to lend beauty to a stretch of field, a nearby lake, or a forgotten pathway.




I don’t know if everyone feels like this, but my poetry is absorbed in the desire to retrace her graceful steps.  I seek to understand how it feels to be caressed by the wind, to lean in the sun, and to hide in the shade.  I want to watch the slow crawl of ants across a flower’s stem, listen to the hum of bees, and hear the breeze rattle the fields of wild-grasses at my feet.  I want to feel that silence and I am incomplete when moments stretch too long when I am without them.




I find solace at the foot of elm trees, oak, and weeping willows.   I listen to the whispers, hums, and rattling of the wind in far-off fields where others choose not to trespass.



This is where I am content – where beauty lays her graceful head.


(c) Sumyanna 2016


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Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

14 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge: Where Beauty Lays Her Graceful Head

  1. Perhaps this is why ballerinas wear tutus – to make them look like graceful flower petals. Beautiful photos. Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much. I look through some of these and ask “did I really take that?!?” I think it is a surprise because you never really know while looking on the camera what the final product will look like 🙂


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